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Puppy Grooming

Home grooming is important for both the health of your pet and the bond you share. Grooming your puppy is a nice way to spend quality time together while also allowing you to monitor your dog's health by checking for cuts, bumps, tenderness, etc.


For ALL long haired breeds brushing at home is essential to keep their coat in good condition. For all the non-shedding breeds such as Tibetan Terriers, Poodles, Bichons and all the breeds crossed with these such as Cockapoos, Cavashons etc., professional grooming is required at regular intervals.


Please do not be fooled by some breeders suggesting your "Cockapoo" puppy will not require grooming for at least a year. This is completely untrue and helps them sell more puppies by not advising the ongoing cost of grooming. 


For example to maintain the coat of an average size Cockapoo it will cost you between £400 - £500 per year. There is no avoiding this cost when you buy a non-shedding breed as without grooming it will end up a matted mess.

If the breed you have chosen does need professional grooming, you will benefit from introducing him to it as soon as he has had his injections and is allowed to be in contact with other dogs. By doing this he will quickly become used to the environment and noises and his behaviour will make the grooming process much easier for the groomer and therefore not costing you extra beacuse he is a "difficult customer".


Groomers are often booked up in advance so pre-book an appointment for your puppy for when he is about 12 weeks old especially if he has a nervous temperament. After a few sessions at the groomers he will start to understand the process and also you can get some good advice from your groomer as to how to maintain a knot-free coat, especially once the adult coat comes through.


Professional grooming for puppies under 6 months old costs alot less than when they are adults so it is an ideal time to get started.


Once you've got your cuddly new puppy, establish a regular routine for brushing at home. You want to make it as enjoyable for them as possible as if they have long hair this needs to be done regularly.


Using both a brush and comb, brush in the direction of hair growth. Use the comb to feel for any knots then break these down using the brush.


Puppies will always think it is a game and will try to bite the brush but you need to be firm and persist with this exercise until eventually they will accept it. Each puppy will take to it differently but if you can make it a relaxing enjoyable routine you will be doing yourself a huge favour in the long run.


Bathing products available for dogs today are almost as numerous as those for us humans, and they're much better suited to a dog's skin type than human shampoos. Choose a special dog shampoo that's best suited to your puppy's hair type and take extra care not to get any shampoo in his eyes when washing him. Use the hair dryer on him after towel drying to get him used to the noise, leaving long hair to dry on its own can make it prone to matting.


When you are grooming at home always check ears for redness or excessive dirt or debris as this can be due to ear infections. Healthy ears should always look clean and pink.


Dental care is essential for healthy teeth, gums and fresh breath. No one likes a dog with smelly breath!! Using a tooth brush and dog toothpaste to brush you dogs teeth as often as possible will help to get rid of bacteria.





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